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Written by brentpeters on December 30th, 2011. Posted in Blog

So far, Take Back the Tap UCSC has used a portion of its Carbon Fund allotment to install two filtered bottle filters on existing water fountains in the OPERS lobby and in the Wellness Center to increase water accessibility on campus.

Another goal of Take Back the Tap UCSC is for the campus to be 100% free of water bottle sales. To accomplish this, we have been working with the UCSC Dining Services and third-party vendors to eliminate their sales of single use water bottles. To date, Dining Services, Global Village Café, and Porter Slug Café have ended their sale of bottled water. Also, the Wellness Center has made a commitment to ending its sale of bottled water by the end of January 2012.

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Take Back the Tap is a campaign to end the sale and distribution of single use plastic water bottles on the UCSC campus and eventually UC system wide. This is a multifaceted issue involving water privatization, water miles, and plastics. In conjunction to ending the sale of single use bottles on campus, Take Back the Tap is using grant money from the Carbon Fund and Measure 43 to increase access to clean, filtered water on campus for students, thus advocating and incentivizing the use of reusable bottles for drinking Santa Cruz Municipality water.

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